13 April 2020

Download Event Insights by contributor Genevieve Neilson from the Doing Business in Asia event held on 2 March 2020. Guests had the opportunity to hear from an exceptional panel who discussed what it means to be conducting business in Asia with insights into Trade & Investment Opportunities for Australia in the new Decade. Our thanks to Genevieve for providing this paper for Professionals in International Trade’s members, subscribers and guests. Genevieve is a member of the Trade Policy Committee for Professionals in International Trade.

Business assistance through the Global Trade Accelerator program (GTA)

January 2020

Could your business benefit from international market research? Is there a business issue you are seeking to solve but you have limited time and resources to allocate? PIT has partnered with Practera to offer members access to the Global Trade Accelerator program (GTA) where you can engage a team of university students to do international market research for your business at no financial cost.

The Global Trade Accelerator Program (GTA) is a virtual program that enables Australia-based exporters and trade professionals to engage teams of university students to do a market research project and provide recommendations on how to grow business internationally. Practera delivers the program in partnership with Australian Universities and the NSW Government. The focus of the program is on supporting students to develop their employability skills whilst delivering outcomes for organisations. Practera is currently accepting applications from organisations for projects to be undertaken in February and March 2020 by a student team from a participating university, which includes three Go8 research-intensive universities of University of Melbourne, University of Queensland and UNSW and highly ranked university under 50-years of age, Edith Cowan University. For more information on getting your organisation involved in the program, please watch this video.

Benefits for your organisation:

  • High-quality outcomes through a tailored research report for your business.
  • Fresh insights and ideas though a diverse multinational research team.
  • No financial cost to your business to participate in the program.
  • Low resource allocation of one hour of your time to provide online feedback each week.

Please register your interest here or email Evelina Gotlib on E: Evelina@practera.com

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