International Policy Research

As part of PIT’s key objective to deliver insights to its members, in 2019 we implemented a dedicated International Policy committee as part of our Board’s governance.

Addressing critical international trade policy

The purpose of this committee is to address critical international trade policy topics within various sectors, offer a critical view on policies implication to businesses, advise policy makers and government agencies based on the events that we organise but also our expertise built throughout the years.

Our International Policy committee is setting priorities based on the various international free trade agreements’ negotiations for example, but also critical topics being discussed by the World Trade Organization, or other global industry organisations.

We are always open to collaborate with other industry associations to provide research and insights on key topics affecting international trade in Australia, therefore if you’re interested, please reach out via our contact page by clicking on the link below.

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Articles & Research Papers


Carbon Border Adjustments: Global Controls Raise Concerns for Unprepared Australian Exporters

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Research Paper

Doing Business In Asia

Event Insights by contributor Genevieve Neilson from the Doing Business in Asia event.

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In 2021 our International Policy committee will focus on those key topics:

  1. Commercial trade partnerships, market information and education
  2. The New World Order, China’s role and Australian supply chains and provenance reporting
  3. Environmental policy (gen.),trade and carbon border controls and tax
  4. Data regulation, digital trade and trade in services exports

In 2020, our team has produced two main analysis:

  1. Priorities for Australia to get out of the pandemic
  2. Doing business in Asia, how Australia can benefit from its allies in the region