PIT Online Networking and Matchmaking Session 1, 15 July 2020

Session #1

Wednesday 15 July 2020, 12.00PM – 1.00PM (AEST)

The online networking and matchmaking session enabled members experiencing changes to employment due to COVID-19 to engage with members from organisations looking for additional resources and project support.

Participating members had the opportunity to present who they are, their skills and experiences and the type of work and availability they are able to offer.

Participating organisations had the opportunity to present what they do, the skills they are seeking and whether the opportunity is for permanent, part-time, temporary project or volunteer support.

View the recording of the session here:


Session rules and obligations:

  1. Each participant was allocated a 2-minute time-slot to present themselves
  2. Participants were encouraged to share their contact details with other participants to engage in further discussions
  3. The networking session was recorded and published on PIT website
  4. PIT is not a recruitment firm and is offering this series of networking events to support industry colleagues to connect with industry colleagues. Professionals in International Trade is providing this series of events as networking opportunities only
  5. Connection, engagement, discussion, volunteer, and employment opportunities are directly between the participants including relevant rights and obligations of the parties.

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