Carbon Border Adjustments

Global Controls Raise Concerns for Unprepared Australian Exporters

PIT prepares research papers focusing on significant issues in international trade

The following article has been produced by the International Trade Policy Committee of the Professionals In International Trade (PIT) organisation.

As one of its objectives, PIT prepares research papers focusing on significant issues in international trade. This is done in order to provide the perspective of informed trade practitioners, using recognised conventions, to assist policy makers. The articles are prepared initially for comment by relevant government departments and summarised versions are subsequently made available via the PIT website. The following paper is the second of the 2021 series.

The following paper surveys at a high level the current opinions and data regarding the origins, trends, and potential outcomes under a CBAM international trade regime and offers some potential directions for enquiry for policy-makers to align with the Australian response to global climate change initiatives. In particular, the potential impact of CBAM-like policies on Australian industry in general is considered, along with some concerns regarding the access and financial implications of carbon barriers. Finally, the policy alignment and actions of the Australian government, in the context of international trends, are considered in terms of the needs of businesses operating in global markets that consider environmental factors.

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