INDUSTRY 4.0 ASEAN held at Haymarket HQ October 30, 2019

Professionals in International Trade (PIT), the Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC)Australia Malaysia Business Council (AMBC) and Haymarket HQ co- organised the INDUSTRY 4.0 ASEAN event. It was a huge success! with everyone learning about the developments happening in the ASEAN region. We found out that there are huge opportunities for companies wanting to invest in Industry 4.0 in countries including Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

Networking was in full swing. There were many business cards exchanged.

Alison Cairns – Partner, Ernst & Young: Identified Singapore as the leading ASEAN country adopting Industry 4.0, with all the large corporations setting up regional offices there such as Google, Bayer, Vodafone, Dyson, BMW and Salesforce to name a few.  About 4,200 firms had regional headquarters in Singapore.

Alison also commented on the fact that ASEAN region has a high up take of new technology as they are nimble and are able to move fast on new product uptake. They don’t have legacy issues like we do in Australia in regards to their thinking or infrastructure. 


In April, the Indonesia launched Making Indonesia 4.0. Among a wide range of themes, the initiative includes incentives for the country’s 3.7 million small and mid-size enterprises to adopt new technologies—a critical component since small businesses are generally most reluctant to assume risks.

Steven Suhadi – Chairman, Indonesian Blockchain Association outlined that Indonesia is a fantastic market place for new technology as the population is a huge adopter of mobile technology. Indonesia as a market place is lucrative, however companies are advised to get their ducks in a roll before entering the country and ensure you make local connections to fast track market entry.

George Lucas – Managing Director & CEO, Raiz , spoke about how Raiz has found Indonesia progressive in adopting new apps as they are huge users of mobile phone technology. There are huge opportunities in Indonesia, our closest neighbour with a population of 270 million.


The Philippines government is committed to industry 4.0, they are looking to invest technologies including Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, Space Technology Applications, Photonics, and ICT and Electronics; all of which are all critical to the fourth industrial revolution.

Additionally, the Department is committed to pursue and make available science and technology (S&T) solutions and innovations to help create and sustain competitive industries, attain energy self-sufficiency, and ensure the efficient and effective use of emerging technologies for the inclusive growth and development of the country.

Alma Argayoso – Philippine Trade Commissioner talking about the great Industry 4.0 government initiatives from the Philippines


Salila Tepkasetkul – Director, Thai Trade Centre spoke about Thailand’s $45 Billion Leap to Industry 4.0

The Thai government had authorised $45 billion with over $6 billion is slated for robotics and logistics upgrades. Other industries benefiting from this focus are as follows: Next-gen automotive, intelligent electronics, tourism for high-income tourists and medical tourism, agriculture and biotechnology, food processing, robotics, logistics, and aviation, including biofuels and biochemicals.

Salila Tepkasetkul – Director, Thai Trade Centre