Event Recap: The Impact of AI on International Trade

QLD AI Hub partnered with Professionals in International Trade (PIT) for a panel discussion about the impact of AI on international trade & investment.

The Webinar discussion included key topics such as:

  • Building confidence in AI products applied to investment decisions via well documented quality indicators
  • Artificial intelligence systems potential to reduce transaction costs in international trade
  • Empowering organizations in interconnected and dynamic networks to better detect opportunities and threats when going abroad/global


  • Prof. Marek Kowalkiewicz – Founding Director, Centre for the Digital Economy Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Key Speakers:

  • Dr. Murat Ünal – Founder – Chief Intelligence Officer – Network Science & AI Lab, SONEAN
  • Dr. Jasmine Muir – Earth Observation Technical Lead, FrontierSI
  • Dr. Michael Guihot – Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Here is the recording of the webinar: