3 steps to export success in China

Is the Year of the Dog the year you grow your business into China? China is Australia’s largest trading partner, and buys almost a third of Australia’s annual exports.

With advances in technology and the ease of use of platforms such as Alibaba exporting to China has never been easier or timelier.

It is important however, for those considering exporting to China to think prudently when it comes to business planning, as many get caught out when it comes to the financial and cultural factors. Provided below are the three crucial considerations a small business needs to consider when doing business in China.

1. Build your networks with key partners
With a population of 1.4 billion China is a huge market. It is difficult as a small business to know where to begin, who to speak to, and how to launch your product as effectively and efficiently as possible. So it’s vitally important to build up your networks.

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