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Shaping the Future of International Trade

September 4 2019

Professionals in International Trade in partnership with Findex & Crowe Australasia held an event yesterday. Another great turnout and everyone loved networking with each other.

Panellists: Vi Le, Mark Staples , Bryan Clark and John Baird
The panel of experts shared their knowledge and experience on topics including:
·   Intelligent trade services
·   The importance of Standards for International trade
·   Digitisation of supply chain
·   Using Innovative Technologies to increase efficiencies and reduce costs

Attendees were treated to a robust discussion about Blockchain technology, we even saw a LIVE DEMONSTRATION of what a blockchain looks like and all of the keynote speakers/panellists were fantastic in discussing the pros and cons of blockchain technological, plus they touched on other emerging technologies.

It was a real learning experience and we would like to thank the panel: –Mark Staples, Senior Principal Researcher, CSIRO, presented on Blockchains & Smart Contracts in Trade –Vi Le, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Standards Australia, taught us the importance of Standards in International Trade. –Bryan Clark, Director, International Chamber of Commerce Australia, showed us their new Blockchain Trade Community System. –John Baird, CEO of UCOT, Chairman of the Cyber Security Advisory Council, demonstrated how UCOT is using Blockchain technology today!

Thank you to our sponsor Findex Crowe Australasia for your hospitality and Matthew Morgan for moderating the panel discussion.

Click below to download the presentations from the event:


Game-changing Technologies for Australian Food Exporters-22 August 2019

What a wonderful turn out to this “lunch & learn” hosted and sponsored by Hall & Wilcox Lawyers. We like to thank Hall & Wilcox for their generosity in hosting this wonderful event.

The audience learned that FOOD FRAUD is estimated to cost the global food industry $50 Billion Dollars a year (AUD). That the supply chain is really complicated and it is difficult to find out where the food is being tampered with (not out of malice but out of economical gain). Everyone enjoyed the networking before the event, so much so, it was difficult to get everyone to take their seats! It’s a sign of a good event where everyone is able to meet someone new in the room.

L-R: Martin, Sarah, Patrick, Sandon, Karen, Wolfgang, Anna
Professionals In International Trade team with panelists and host

The moderator for the panel discussion, Karen Caston (Austrade) talked about Agriculture 4.0, it’s the next movement in Agriculture just like Industry 4.0 is changing the face of manufacturing. She encourages Australian producers to work with Austrade to help them innovate and showcase Australia’s competitive advantages in agtech and foodtech to a global audience and helping to facilitate connections. Visit their website for more information:

Karen Caston (Austrade)

Keynote speaker 1: Sarah Nolet spoke about how Australian AGTECH is the most underinvested. Ironically, the opportunity is enormous for the highest impact potential as Australia is in a great position to innovate farming methods. Her company is launching an initiative called Farmers2Founders, encouraging farmers to innovate and benefit from selling the innovation to the rest of the world. We are a clever country, why not support the farmers to become founders of Agtech companies.

Keynote speaker #2: Patrick Reiss (Lakeba Group) revealed that in 2018 about $2 million worth of Penfolds wine were fake however cleverly the fake wines would be mixed with real Penfolds wines when sold in a dozen. Even if you bought one bottle, you wouldn’t know whether it’s come from Penfolds. That’s why Penfolds have introduced blockchain technology to assist distributors and consumers to scan bottles to check on it’s authenticity of origin.

Patrick also told us that there were FAKE Parmesan cheese being sold in the USA (blend of cheese and 9% wood plup- yuck!), read more abut it:

So how do companies combat fake food? They need to look at technology to track where the food came from.

Lakeba Group provides IoT and blockchain technologies for companies such as WalMart and Penfolds. Walmart uses the combination of these two technologies to track fruits through the supply chain, from farm to consumer with the goal of identifying provenance and improving food safety issues. Whereas Penfolds is working towards the releasing a blockchain-encrypted traceability platform for wine bottles equipped with NFCs for customers to track where that bottle came from.

Patrick Reiss (Lakeba Group)

Keynote speaker #3: Sandon Adams (Oritain) – spoke about how their company holds data on food DNA, which helps with identifying the origin of a crop, fibre and pharmaceutical products. They are using forensic science to combat food fraud. They work in conjunction with blockchain technology, the difference is that they about making sure the products is from its source location where as blockchain technology tries to keep the chain of distribution honest.

Sandon Adams (Oritain)

We would like to thank all of our panelist for adding to the discussion on food fraud and what can be done about it. As well as encouraging Australian agriculture producers to innovate via Agriculture 4.0 and that a company like Sarah’s could assist with raising capital for any initiative.


Karen Caston, Senior Investment Specialist – Agribusiness & Food, Austrade (Moderator)
– Patrick Reiss, Venture Lead, Lakeba Group
– Sandon Adams, Managing Director, Oritain
– Sarah Nolet, Partner & CEO, AgThentic

It was a fantastic Event! Join us for the next on on the 4 September 2019.

Speed networking session – July 23rd

In partnership with Austrade and Teddington Legal

Click on the picture to see a recap and more pictures of the event

Where: Austrade, Level 23, Aon Tower, 201 Kent St
When: Tuesday, 23rd July, 05.30 – 08.00 pm
Cost: $20, light refreshments included

An opportunity to expand your business network by meeting like-minded peers, where you will have the opportunity to share experiences of facilitating trade and investment between Australia and the rest of the world.

Event agenda:

5.30pm: Registration and networking
6.00pm: Speed networking begins
7.15pm: Speed networking ends
8.00pm: End of the event

Thank you to the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) and Teddington Legal who helped organise this successful event!


Australia and Global Trade

Monday, June 3rd 2019 | 6 p.m – 8 p.m
Venue: Sydney Startup Hub – Level 1, 11 York Street, Sydney 2000 NSW

For more information about the event and profiles of the expert panel, please click here


B2B Rocks Sydney 2019

Thursday, June 6th & Friday 7th, 2019
Venue: Lendlease, Barangaroo

More information about this event:

The schedule:


ASEAN Australia FTAs and EPAs Panel Discussion & Networking

by ASEAN Business Councils (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand)



Event Details
Date:      Monday, 17th June 2019
Time:      6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Venue:   Dentons, Level 16, 77 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
Cost:       $20.00 – Members
                 $30.00 – Non-Members


A panel discussion and networking evening that will focus on the impact, opportunities and challenges of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between Australia and the ASEAN region.

Help your business better understand and leverage these FTAs and EPAs to trade, invest and/or provide services to organisations whom operate in ASEAN member countries.

The panel consists of five (5) highly knowledgeable leaders in their field comprising:

  • Caroline McCarthy, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Assistant Secretary, FTA Investment, Digital Trade & Other Issues Branch
  • Ranitya Kusumadewi, Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Deputy Director, ASEAN Negotiations
  • Chester Brown, University of Sydney, Professor of International Law and International Arbitration
  • Sandra Seno-Alday, University of Sydney, Professor with the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre
  • Gary Dawes, NSW Business Chamber, Manager, International Business

Moderated by Lean Soh, Vice President of the Australia Malaysia Business Council, Project Officer with the NSW Department of Industry and Board Member of Professionals in International Trade.

Click on the image for more information

Click on the image for more information

Click on the image for more information
Click on the image to see a recap of the event