Webinar 3: Taxation & Financial Issues, 27 May 2020

Thank you for joining us for our final interactive webinar by SwissCham, SACC and PIT aimed to support our members and their businesses in navigating through the current pandemic and beyond, held on 27th May 2020 at 11:00 to discuss ‘Managing the financial health of your business during COVID19’.

Download the webinar presentation by Gavin Stuart

Download the webinar presentation by Kurt Baker

Access a recording of the webinar here:

Access Bartier Perry’s Letter of Demand here

Thank you for your input & any questions you posed in relation to logistic and supply chain – please provide us with your concern via this question when you register and our speakers will answer at the Q&A session of the webinar.


The legal aspects will be presented by Gavin Stuart, a commercial lawyer and the head of Bartier Perry’s Commercial Disputes team. Gavin has over twenty-three years’ practicing experience in a broad range of commercial legal work and he has interest areas covering commercial contract issues, insolvency and finance disputes, the convergence of law and technology and cross border dealings and disputes. You can see further details about Gavin at https://www.bartier.com.au/our-team/gavin-stuart/.

At the first part of the webinar Gavin spoke on;

  • Directors’ duties in the era of COVID19 – what’s changed and what’s the same
  • Monitoring solvency and what to do if things aren’t going well 
  • Reducing the risk of personal liability as a director post COVID19
  • Practical tips and considerations for directors and business owners


Kurt specialises in providing taxation, accounting and commercial advice to private clients, small and medium businesses, high-wealth individuals and family groups. He has in-depth knowledge of a variety of industries, including advertising, entertainment, law, medicine, mining and property development. You can see further details about Kurt at https://www.esvgroup.com.au/partner/kurt-baker/.

At the second part of the webinar Kurt spoke on;

  • Government and State stimulus packages including JobKeeper
  • Forecasting & management tips
  • Other ATO initiatives

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